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By deciding to run you’ve already taken the decision to change your habits and improve your lifestyle. Whether its to seek inspiration, motivation or draw up a plan for a future race, you have already taken an important step. Some form of personal training or coaching may help you reach those running goals.

Running the South Downs

 Running the Downlands Challenge in 2007. 30 miles of tough, hilly terrain.








Runcoach4U. Running coach serving Croydon and Bromley.

 Running is a great activity and it’s an excellent way to relieve stress and make new friends. Regular running combined with other lifestyle changes, including diet, can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Whatever age you are there are benefits to be gained by running.

If its your ambition to train to compete or to take your first steps as a runner, then you will need some focus and direction otherwise your best intentions may be short lived and lead to disappointment. If its running for fun, to achieve a first 5km or a marathon or for improved health or personal reasons, there will be times that without the motivation to get going it just will not happen. Its too cold, too hot or you’re too busy or too tired. Leave the excuses behind.


Fitting running training into a busy schedule of work and family can be difficult, but with planning and determination it can be done. A coach or trainer can help.


I know, I’ve been there too, but with coaching assistance you will gain the motivation, knowledge and confidence to achieve measured and attainable running goals in a safe and sustainable manner.

If you’ve decided to run you’ve made a sound choice. Just a pair of decent shoes is all you need. No gyms or expensive memberships are required. Just step outside of your front door and away you run.



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